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Founded in 1977 by Prof. Dae H. Chang (Professor Emeritus from Wichita State University, Kansas), the International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice (IJCACJ) has provided a forum for scholars, academics and practitioners who are interested in comparative theory and empirical research in the area of criminal justice. The purpose of this journal is to encourage exchange of theoretical views and scientific findings to develop, promote and advance key research areas in criminal justice for use in classroom and in practice. The IJCACJ focuses on two distinct but related concepts. First, papers should be international and comparative analysis of cross-cultural theories of crime, legal systems, policing, courts, juvenile justice, women offenders and minority offenders. Education, training, and planning also will be included. Second, papers should include policy recommendations for applying research findings to the operations of criminal justice in a given country or region.

The IJCACJ is one of the best known, widely read international periodicals. Individuals and university libraries from around the world subscribe to it. We invite your manuscripts for this peer-reviewed journal, which is published biannually. The editorial board consists of internationally well-known scholars and experts in the field of criminology and criminal justice.

Send your original manuscripts (unpublished or currently under consideration with other publishers) in an electronic format to The manuscript attached with a cover letter must be addressed to Prof. Mahesh K. Nalla, Editor-In-Chief - IJCACJ, School of Criminal Justice, 560 Baker Hall, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1118, USA.

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Current Issue: 2009 - Volume 33, Issue 1 released.

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